Shipments are delivered to the receivers address given by the Consignee The company delivery service is ONLY within Nairobi location on the conditions that payments are done prior to delivery. These deliveries are ONLY for Air Consignments since the Sea consignments are usually in bulk we ONLY deliver them under a certain order. For delivery outside Nairobi, extra charges will be incurred by the consignee whereby all payments shall be made before the consignment is sent to their desired location.

STORAGE & WAREHOUSING CONDITIONS: Goods not collected within 2 Weeks of arrival at the final destination will attract storage charges. The company reserves a right to auction uncollected / unclaimed goods within a period of 30 days.

WARSAW CONVENTION: the extra charges that may be levied by the carrier including insurance will not constitute rates given to our clients. The client is requested to insure his goods from such regions as our company will not be liable for any loss.

CLAIMS & COMPENSATION: The Company has set up risk management team to ascertain claims arising to loss and damage of goods. The assessment is based on: When, where, and circumstances that caused the loss or damage of goods. Packing conditions, cargo declaration before shipping. Confirmation of verified items or packages at the shipping point before accepting. Declared value / invoice surrendered to our accepting team.

RE-PACKAGING Goods suspected not well packed and at a risk of either being damaged or failing not to be accepted by the carrier shall be re-packed by our staff at a cost that will be notified to the client or supplier for their consent if by any chance the client or supplier declines the offer then any goods not well packed and get damaged during voyage will not be compensated. The client or suppliers have to ensure all items delivered at our shipping point meet the shipping standards.

AIR CARGO COST ASSESSMENT For air cargo if the dimensional weight / cubic volume cost exceeds the cost of actual weight, charges may be assessed based on the dimensional weight.Billable weight will be the greater of the dimensional weight/cubic volume, actual weight, and minimum billable weight

WEIGHT LIMIT We accept all customers goods no matter size or weight. But our minimum charge for air cargo is 10kg.

PROHIBITED / RESTRICTED GOODS Our company does not handle prohibited goods like drugs, false money, pornographic materials, Matches containing white phosphorous, Distilled beverages containing essential oils or chemical products, which are injurious to health, including thijone, star arise, benzoic aldehyde, salicylic esters, hyssop and absinthe, etc Our company does not handle all kinds of beer, tobacco, packages containing Miraa ,khat and Shisha substances.

 It is the responsibility of the customer and supplier to ensure that shipments rendered to our company does not violate the state laws. Restricted goods include Postal franking machines except and in accordance with the terms of a written permit granted by a competent authority of the government of Kenya ,

FRAGILE ITEMS Fragile items must be packed so as to be separated by either pallet, molded plastic such that the interior must be completely filled with any of the above materials to prevent the items contained in the shipment from touching each other or exterior shell of the container. Damage of fragile goods must have evidence of physical damages to the exterior packaging of the item. The customer is liable for any damage of their goods and that it may inflict on the property of others.

NOTE: The Company will not assume the responsibility for fragile items packed with the customers/Suppliers themselves which do not adequately cushion or protect the fragile items. Rainbow Cargo Ltd, its agents refered to as (the company) shall not be liable to any loss, delay, damages, theft and misdelivery after collection of goods.

PAYMENTS All payments to be received either at our shipping office or delivery point before releasing of goods

GOODS DECLARATION The shipper will be required to declare the contents in the package, provide invoices, packing lists and handling information.

CARGO ACCEPTANCE Goods must be well labeled, addressed, with full details of sender, receiver, and telephone numbers.